Tuesday, November 19, 2013

New Poetry by WG Davies Jr.

Death on I-81

The sunset was a patchwork
of discarded shawls
as if a church bus
may have crashed
and all the women
went to heaven together.

- WG Davies Jr 2013


Imagine a sky so blue,
that from the throat
of a saxophone
new silk and Creole musk.

- WG Davies Jr 2013

WG Davies Jr has published in The Cortland Review, Bluepepper, The Wilderness House Review, Diluted Ink, Jellyfish Whispers and many others. He is on the cusp of having a chaplet of poetry published. WG Davies Jr lives on ten acres with his wife, Theresa, of thirty-nine years and in good years they produce some fairly elegant red wine. WG Davies Jr is also 2013 Poet Laureate for Perry County, Pennsylvania. 

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