Wednesday, July 02, 2014

New Poetry by Craig Kurtz


The curious manner in which
you brush indigo from your laughter;
the quaint style you have so it’s true
you demur future out of your sighs;
the upwards of your carmine,
the almost of your close by;
what I like about you
is nothing less than these sounds.

The uncanny motion you now
when you coax golden from out of your when;
the original tone you perpend
spins lavender terms with a grin;
the oblique of your then,
the amber surprise of your that;
the part about you I like
is the everything far uppermost.

You might be simply circumstantial
or rather singularly definitive;
you have a manner unpredictable
that knows how to upend a circle’s return;
and when I hear your magical,
I can see a far geography;
what happens is openly in white
with additional ineffable. So, there!

The perplexing technique you affix
when you auburn the former utmost;
the classic soon of the next you possess
is inevitable with blue swoops of good luck;
the innermost was a hint,
the outer-seeming is this:
what I love about you today
is the everything achieved hitherto.

- Craig Kurtz 2014

Craig Kurtz lives at Twin Oaks Intentional Community where he writes poetry while simultaneously handcrafting hammocks. Recent work has appeared in Bird’s Thumb, The Bitchin’ Kitsch, Blotterature, The Blue Hour, Drunk Monkeys, Fishfood & Lavajuice, Literati Quarterly, Indigo Rising, Harlequin Creature, No Assholes, Reckless Writing and The Tower Journal. 

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