Saturday, July 19, 2014

New Poetry by Robert Halleck


They came from the
school next door.
the Thursday before 
Christmas Eve.
Boys and girls of
color in a hotel
of lily white.
Eyes wide they
gazed upwards.
White shirts
White blouses.
They sang like saints
and left silently
taking Christmas 
with them.

- Robert Halleck 2014

Robert Halleck is a retired banker living in Del Mar, California with two retired racing Greyhounds. He has been writing poetry for over 50 years and has published two volumes of his collected works. His recent poems have appeared in The Camel Saloon, The San Diego Annual Poetry Anthology, The Scapegot, The Boston Poetry Review and other publications.

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donalmahoney said...

Quite simply a wonderful piece as wonderful to read in July as in December.