Sunday, February 14, 2016

New Poetry by Thomas Lequin


I let her in for the
winter, Solitude.
She arrives in December
and stays till May.
She likes the basement best,
seated by the wood stove
in a rocking chair.

Wind, ice storms, nor’easters—
below twenty degrees
she seems more present,
more quiet.

Every so often
she falls asleep.
When she wakens thereafter,
startled and chilled,
more wood is needed.

- Thomas Lequin 2016

Thomas Lequin is a priest in Maine, who is also a farmer, Maine Master Guide, hunter, fisherman, and poet.  His work has recently appeared in Iodine Poetry Journal, Anglican Theological Review, Iconoclast, Echoes, The Whirlwind Review, The Daily Bulldog, Church World, A Parallel Universe, The Alembic, and an anthology of contemporary animal poetry, The Wildest Peal (Moon Pie Press), 2015.

1 comment:

Rose Betit said...

Lovely. I remember Father Tom. Such a nice person. Didn't know you wrote poetry, Father Tom.

Rosie B.