Saturday, February 27, 2016

New Poetry by Victor Clevenger

It’s True

She was small,
dried tobacco 
tinted and

she sold me
wine and new
after I had torn
the last pages
out of mine.

I loved her, 
but never stood 
a chance; I was
a drunken poet
who nobody 
knew and she
was not 
interested in 

another smart 

- Victor Clevenger 2016

Victor Clevenger's latest collection is titled, In All These Naked Pictures Of Us.  Selected pieces of his work have appeared in print or online in, Chiron Review; The Beatnik Cowboy; Eleventh Transmission; Crab Fat Literature; NEAT; Dead Snakes; Blink Ink; Zombie Logic Review; and coming soon to Poetry Pacific; Your One Phone Call; BAD ACID LABORATORIES, INC.; and the Poems-For-All project. Victor’s work has also appeared in anthologies published by Lady Chaos Press.

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