Tuesday, June 14, 2016

New Poetry by Julie Thorndyke

Weather-worn Woman

My heart is an ocean of hopes
on which you sail.
My heart is a storm-battered
barque in an unfinished typhoon.
My heart holds you aloft
on waves taller than mountains.
My heart will not allow you to run aground.
On currents of kindness
as predictable as the sunset,
my heart will bear you 
through the breakers of today’s troubled tide
and lift you 
on an unfailing swell of love
into a fair-weather future.

- Julie Thorndyke 2016

Julie Thorndyke is a graduate of the University of Sydney Master of Creative Writing program.
Two collections of her tanka poetry are available from Ginninderra Press. 
Read more at https://jthorndyke.wordpress.com/

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