Saturday, June 11, 2016

New Poetry by Tess Matthews

Taxi, oh

Winding through
The early dark, the
usual identity parade
Unfolds, beyond
The window’s glass.
But in this smoothing hour
I find them all
As air and sky.

A pile of leaves
Entwined in a wind-cheater,
leans against
A concrete fence
Or else, the wind-cheater
Is bound
about the sodden pile
By art, or by coincidence.

Further down,
There’s a man walking
behind a woman
And his limbs
move limp and fluid
And flamboyant
Like a jellyfish
And the woman’s pace
Connotes annoyance.

There are at least
Five minutes further
drive for the patient driver
Who, all this while,
Has his rivets beaten out
Mints exhausted
And cargo cooked.

A further five minutes
Before sprinting out
Along street lights
Reflected and doubled
In full-guttered puddles
To fumble cheap metals
And trip at the door.

- Tess Matthews 2016

Tess Matthews is from Melbourne Australia. She has been writing poems for a short time only, but has been reading poems for quite a lot longer.

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