Wednesday, September 14, 2016

New Poetry by John Rock


The woodthrush using the depths of the forest as its instrument
The forest giving the woodthrush a home so that the forest can
Falling stones
Crackling leaves
Burning autumn ocean
The wind sings through the trembling aspens
The aspens using the wind to sing
The wind singing through the white pines swaying
   with the elegance of autumn precisely sung
You push your breasts against the mosquito netting
   to say goodmorning
Fishing out a pine twig from the tea
   I realize I was always this persona

- John Rock 2016

John Rock grew up on the shores of Lake Michigan between Milwaukee and Chicago and attended the University of Wisconsin Milwaukee and San Francisco Art Institute for Film, Anthropology and Literature.  He lived for many years on the shores of Lake Superior gardening and writing poems and in San Francisco making and showing experimental films.  He is the author of two futuristic novellas and many poems.  He presently lives in Asheville, NC where he is working on a full-length science-fantasy novel.  He can be contacted at 

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