Monday, September 12, 2016

New Poetry by Robert Getz

cool night observed

this is the first cool
night in some time

not cool enough for
windows but cool

dark chocolate on
pomegranate seeds

orange drink and
frosted cupcakes

recycling collecting
near the kitchen sink

welcome to empire
expanded by time

- Robert Getz 2016


i willed myself into the west
without water, only cactus
skidding scrub and sand
an arid ghost against the
moon, i fell down scallops
of earth that looked like
frozen ocean waves, i let
the darkness permeate my
soul like a gila, empurpled
empire of mesas unfolding
before me, on the edge of
an eggshell universe just
before i remembered where
i was and the whole world
closed in again, walls and
fences and places to be

- Robert Getz 2016

Robert W. Getz lives in Glenside, PA. His latest book of poetry is "Pomp and other Circumstances: Poems 2014-2015".

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