Tuesday, January 29, 2019

New Poetry by Claire Roberts

After Gustave

Here is the horizon 
Dark blue
Followed by a faint line / stretch of 
And the imperceptible point between
Where they don’t meet /
Touch but are laid out 
Side by side

These are also sunlit
Clouds rolling as
A wave does under
The surface of 

Above the…
Spread out like 

Crystal blue then
Dark over the depths
Or under the shadows of the 
Clouds before it turns
Sand coloured over / toward 
The revolving
Storm breaking 
With sunlight

Culminating / until 
A thin blue stripe advances / 

Overlaps the
Announces this is paint.

- Claire Roberts 2019

Claire Miranda Roberts is a current postgraduate student at the University of St Andrews. Her poetry has appeared in Island Magazine, Southerly Journal and Cordite Poetry Review. 

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