Saturday, January 19, 2019

New Poetry by Karen May

Dreaming in Music

I wake sometimes
to a dream of music
the notes play
and laugh in the dark

and just for a moment
let themselves be read
like clear and shining words
lined up along the stave 

like the sudden illumination
of a foreign tongue.
But then the score elides
and their keening begins.

What is it that they grieve
as I drift between
the land of words
and music’s seas? 

Do they sing
elegies for wisdom
laments for learning
a grim coda to virtuosity? 

Do they cry
of the blue dance of the depths
stilled, last chords 
fading, words failing? 

Do they sing and sing
of all the light
that might have been.

- Karen May 2019

Karen May writes poetry, sometimes combined with art practice. She grew up in remote areas of Australia and has worked in universities, NGOs and Canadian foreign affairs. For a long while now she has lived in the Southern Tablelands and Canberra. 

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