Thursday, April 25, 2019

New Poetry by Stuart Rawlinson

The Last View of Sea

There was a prize
for whoever saw it first
a dense blue sliver
between two low hills
at sea level, the water
chopped and fizzed 
waves unable to hold
together under the 
moon's duress.
eyes squinted
in a golden glare of
sand. hair matted 
in the salty air
backs turned, towels
shook, the wide open
expanse narrowed
like clock hands
reaching for noon

- Stuart Rawlinson 2019

Stuart Rawlinson is a Brisbane-based writer, focusing on poetry and currently writing his debut novel. He released his first poetry collection in 2015: Encyclopaedia of Trees is a 19-poem collection on a theme of time and memory and each poem accompanies a piece of original music. He is also a regular contributor to Project 366, a collaboration between poets and artists, and maintains a literary blog at

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