Wednesday, January 22, 2020

New Poetry by Samuel T. Franklin


Promises slip like a tongue between teeth 
like a coin from a pocket to a gutter 
men with nickel-eyes drop stars into their mouths 
there is a wolf with stripes on its belly 

Men with bellies of nickel and iron howl 
like wolves at wolfmoons 
they speak strange and guttural secrets 
and swear the wolves are all dead

Ghosts slip on moonbeams and slide 
into dark mouths full of teeth  
promises beat their fists against the stars 
and the darkness opens like a mouth

Men with nickels in their eyes slip 
like broken promises toward the darkness
where ghosts pass like secrets
between the teeth and tongues of wolves 

- Samuel T. Franklin 2020

Samuel T. Franklin is the author of two books of poetry: Bright Soil, Dark Sun (2019) and The God of Happiness (2016). A Best of the Net nominee, he resides in Bloomington, Indiana, where he enjoys making useful things out of wood scraps and losing staring contests to his cats. He can be found at 

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