Sunday, July 19, 2020

New Poetry by Kitty Jospe


Railroad Bridge 

Our shadows step out of our shoes, 
consider centuries 
as sun melts tar in the ties.

But what is not in the picture
is what happened that night
to George Floyd

                        nor five days later
when the sound of a helicopter
and the way the light at the end of the day hits
only certain leaves as protesters gather
and a screen in the window of a gallery, 
(closed for the pandemic)
flashes white letters on a black background
every other second

And now, our shadows step into 
different shoes, feel the slash
of real bodies, on ties
to then on that railroad,
the sense of North,
of star.

- © Kitty Jospe 2020

Kitty Jospé loves the possibilities of language! After living and working in Europe, she delighted in teaching French (MA, NYU 1984).  Since 2008, midway in completing an MFA at Pacific University, OR, she delights in moderating poetry appreciation discussions at two of the Rochester, NY Libraries.  Popular reader and speaker, she also has 5 books and appears in many anthologies and reviews such as The Ekphrastic Review, Atlanta Review, The Orchard Journal,

Zingara,  Grasslimbs, Nimrod, Rundelania. 

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