Thursday, July 23, 2020

New Poetry by S.K. Kelen

Dark Art

There were wars and hunger abroad,
misery, injustice and evil in the streets 
but on the home front who could bear 
a boredom deep as contentment thus Stupid
danced with Death at the pub, afterwards
in an ivy-tombed terrace house (built of gingerbread)
she opened a glamorous vial, just a whiff
put Stupid to sleep and she transplanted the dog's heart, 
bit by bit into him, it hurt and for a while life 
was lived in dirt—the world was desperate.
Voodoo puppet will live to regret (ironies befall).
The future. Cruel magic swarms happily 
inside the leftover fun people. They blame a song 
from youth for how old they got, or—not.

- © S.K. Kelen 2020

S. K. Kelen has been writing poems longer than he cares to remember. His most recent books are A Happening in Hades (Waratah, NSW: Puncher & Wattmann 2020), and Love’s Philosophy (Summer Hill, NSW: Gazebo Books 2020)

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