Monday, August 17, 2020

New Poetry by Linda Sacco


In the pursuit of the sun, the moon and the stars, I took a magnifying glass. 
For so long, you went about your day, unaware of my warm gaze. 
Seasons changed, and like a tree losing its leaves in autumn, I got to know your colours.
Wind took the pieces, casualties of nature, and blew them out of my reach, 
rendering you bare and cold. 
No matter which angle I tried with my magnifying glass,
I was camouflaged between the distractions of the day,
the regrets of yesterday and the promise of tomorrow.
Finally, like a soldier without a commander,
my volcanic temper erupted, cooled to melted rock, and never reached you.
I remained camouflaged. 

- © Linda Sacco 2020

Linda Sacco is a teacher and writer living in Melbourne, Australia. Her qualifications include Bachelor of Arts (Professional Writing) from Victoria University and Master of Teaching (Primary) from The University of Melbourne. Her poetry has been published in Poetry Quarterly, Dual Coast Magazine, Three Line Poetry, Inwood Indiana, 50 Haikus, Haiku Journal, Tanka Journal, Track + Signal Magazine and Dead Snakes. She is the author of the Which Is Your Perfect Pet? ebook series with titles on Dog Breeds, Designer Dogs, Cat Breeds and Birds.

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