Friday, October 16, 2020

New Poetry by Holly Day

Out in the Garden

The morning glory vines are trying to 
hold me in place, I can feel them tremble
beneath my feet, tiny fingers twisting in 
endless curlicues,  bursting into purple 
flower from the exertion of trapping me. 
I pull my foot away, take another step, 
can feel the ground sigh behind me as 
the morning glories stretch futile and 
then retreat. 

The lilies are trying to stab me to 
death, I can feel their tiny points
poke up through the soil and 
stop at the bottom of my feet. If I 
just stayed here, stayed still, 
the tiny red points would push all 
the way through my flesh, my bone, 
crown bright green and brilliant 
through the tops of my feet and burst 
into bloom. I lift my foot carefully, 
step over the vengeful clumps 
of hybrids and orientals 
just in time. 

- © Holly Day 2020

Holly Day ( has been a writing instructor at the Loft Literary Center in Minneapolis since 2000. Her poetry has recently appeared in Asimov’s Science Fiction, Grain, and Harvard Review, and her newest poetry collections are Into the Cracks (Golden Antelope Press), Cross Referencing a Book of Summer (Silver Bow Publishing), The Tooth is the Largest Organ in the Human Body (Anaphora Literary Press), and Book of Beasts (Weasel Press). 


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