Tuesday, October 11, 2022

New Poetry by Nick Boyer



I am an American citizen.
I have a bachelor’s degree.
I am not brave enough to starve. 

I will find some time to enjoy my sustainable wealth.
I saw what my parents did and what my grandparents did.
you can take my last escape; I’ll piss in the cup.

I do not think I am above work -
I think everyone is. I am no politician.
I am neither Hitler nor Buddha. I am
broken and in a cast(e). I think and 
stutter and trip over my guts and swollen
liver. I have acne on my thighs and everyone knows.

retirement is not enough of an incentive,
neither is currency. I want time. Is that 
selfish? What language is that on the wall?

I won’t tell the truth. Who is asking? It 
cannot be god. As a child, I was yelled at
by a priest during the middle of a service.
I was banging on the side of the pew with
my plastic hammer. 
I didn’t think anything of it.

- © Nick Boyer 2022

Nick Boyer is an emerging poet writing in Upstate New York. He recently self-published his debut novel, Steady Progress Home, and his poetry has been published in Taj Mahal Review. More of his writing can be found on the web at poetryforthegrave.com or @poetryforthegrave on Instagram.

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