Monday, April 03, 2023

New Poetry by Glenn Bach

38,299 acres, 3%
w/ flanking and spotting smoke is better
now that it’s shifted southwest good
news for us bad news for Mt. Wilson
Arcadia and Sierra Madre and here’s
Cogswell Dam that West Fork trail
road will likely be off limits for a
while with these thermals which is
the smoke whirl though I remember
the fire started closer to the dam
41,231 acres, 3%
though we used to have mountains
unknowing the answers because nothing
is easy upslope runs thru canyons we had
a good night whoa that is WILD seems
premature the impressive #bobcatfire
continues to climb Mt. Wilson will it
reduce the observatory to ashes?
41,773 acres, 3%
uphill with crown runs spotting across
the canyon hotspot by hotspot battle
a burning hell hill but the threat isn’t over
when there isn’t a wildfire or pandemic
as the lights of Los Angeles grow brighter

- © Glenn Bach 2023

Glenn Bach is a sound artist recently relocated from Southern California to the Doan Brook watershed of Cleveland, Ohio. His major project, Atlas, is a long poem about place and our (mis)understanding of the world. Excerpts have appeared in jubilat, Otoliths, Plumwood Mountain and others. He documents his work at and @AtlasCorpus.


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