Sunday, December 09, 2012

New Poetry by Benjamin Dodds

Struggle Street

A pitbull pup launched
through the void of a screenless
second-storey window breaks
four legs and siphons
from readers a soup
of tears and muttered tutting.
These toothless/heartless owners should be
licensed and where do they get the cash
to buy their Crayola cartons of
Horizon 50s anyway?

- Benjamin Dodds 2012

Cygnus olor, Tokyo

In rain-pocked
of human smut
the greasy swan
swims bound up
by ligatures of
plastic packing
at the high walled
corner of an
inner city moat.

Her black
and the mute
way she
bends herself
from his
searching rape
echo half-
from Kubrick's
final film.

- Benjamin Dodds 2012

Benjamin Dodds is a Sydney-based poet who grew up in the Riverina of NSW. His poetry has appeared in various journals, newspapers and anthologies. His first collection Regulator is currently seeking a home.

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