Saturday, December 29, 2012

New Poetry by Kevin Del Principe


Welcome to the sacredly profane and always sanguine carnival
A bare-bones world made with saxophones trombones
And cigarette smoke rings blown from hot lipstick lips
Anyone willing to sweat out god’s lost fever may enter

But once admitted the shadowy tent you cannot readily get out
Because savage light swings wildly casting phantom glances
And the cacophonous chords played by fallen watchers
Disorientates sinners and saints alike who clap and stomp together

It is not yet morning and the drive to abandon reason is strong
Let her go son let her fade into the slippery atmosphere
She belongs among all things vacuous and ethereal
Fight the devil’s knife tongue attached to your hallowed ear

Perhaps the most desperate character is also mostly honest
And the greatest revenge is spitting daffodils instead of flames
Maybe the only way to get out is to let go again
Because in a shadow world only real objects can be lovers or friends

- Kevin Del Principe 2012

In addition to writing poetry, Kevin Del Principe writes for the screen and stage. He is currently an M.F.A. Writing for the Screen and Television candidate at the University of Southern California.

1 comment:

Phillip A. Ellis said...

I love this, the way its voice rolls inexorably from the first syllable to the very last. There's also, if I can compared it to smoked meat, a smoky taste that's almost noir, certainly a darker undercurrent that informs the whole, and that gives it a certain solidity and depth of affect.

I hope it's only the first of many poems by Kevin to appear here.