Sunday, December 09, 2012

New Poetry by Julie Maclean

In search of Noir

Clark Kent in thin black frames,
smooth as blonde wood,
pale as a white-washed wall
charms the girls   boys too

Seems tired as he talks
of Nordic crime…
more blood   more guts
more rapes  more scalps
more sticks up arses  
snuff stuff      burning at stakes
serial death   more girly bait
in soft focus    hand held camera
grist for the mill    bread and butter  
thinking...not more wannabes

wannabe famous
get off the slush pile
out of this shit hole
wanna break
Kit Kat
wanna be loved
see sky
hear twang
see sun
smell a gum tree
get duty free
see mum
go home

- Julie Maclean 2012

Lamb Silence

Blank libretti either
side of the Oresund Bridge

till we got to Oslo
Walls of the harbour
rose and fell with House,
Sounds of Soul, a grass toupee
lifted off the castle wall

Ice block Operahuset
framed by nouveau
kroner from oil,
banged a steel drum
It sounded out of place

Like the skinhead
in the butcher's apron,
with the mohawk,
muscled in honey tones
of the Viking
flour dabs in gently
fingered timpani

taking orders
for moules frites
with the grace & style
of a symphony,
face pastorale

- Julie Maclean 2012

Originally from Bristol, UK, Julie now lives on the Surf Coast, Australia. In 2012 short listed for The Crashaw Prize, (Salt,UK). Her debut collection of poetry, When I saw Jimi, will be published in June 2013 by Indigo Dreams Publishing, UK. Poetry and short fiction features in UK, US and Australian journals including Cordite, Overland, Southerly, Wet Ink and The Best Australian Poetry (UQP).Short listed for Press Press and Whitmore prizes.

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