Friday, June 06, 2014

New Poetry by JD DeHart


the way the small one clings
you can tell she is a biter
with rows and rows of teeth
belied by the sweet expression
she gnaws the tender hand
of mother, will one day
break away, like all children do,
barely call, certainly not write
(who writes any more?)
arranging her own fragmented
adulthood from whatever scraps
she can find around a local bar

- JD DeHart

JD's writing has appeared in Eye On Life Magazine and Eunoia Review, among other publications. 

1 comment:

Obsidian Eagle said...


Profuse apologies for the tardiness;
Tried contacting you months ago
But your e-mail address didn't work
Going to go ahead and use your subs
Over the next few weeks

They rose to the guidelines quite well
Thank you for participating
In the ongoing experiment
That is AntiPoetry.

PS - Cling is a phenomenal and succinct expose of a good woman gone bad. Tres bien!