Monday, June 23, 2014

New Poetry by Robbie Coburn


greyed morning a nightmare of waking into sobered light
the chilled palm still formed on the glass 
dry skin settles into the gale air without radiance
after blacked sleep  surges of wind disturb the senses
delusion  sets into consciousness   propels 
further obscurities   as the eye adjusts
    to be a poet is to live with ghosts
leaving the house  think of  misjudged breath 
fleeting in the lengths of unfamiliar bodies
and the night  no different wiped in its unresolved law
run through the miles of road   cars carried cityward 
grounded in the country dirt spread beneath brick as cinder
     in the centre of this thought continues   nausea lasting days
even this   passes time before the game
 will realise itself.

- Robbie Coburn 2014

robbie coburn was born in June 1994 in Melbourne and lives in the rural district of Woodstock, Victoria. 
His first book-length collection of poetry 'Rain Season' (Picaro Press) was published in 2013. He is well into a second collection, titled 'the other flesh'. 
A chapbook, 'Before Bone and Viscera' is forthcoming from Rochford Street Press in 2014.

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