Wednesday, June 18, 2014

New Poetry by Joseph Robert

Winter’s Clotting

Licking at the chary red hard candy
Of a liquid nitrogen cauterized wrist
I see you settle on your haunches to lap at it
In a wide open parking lot, dreary and grey slushy
Sweating, nervous and convincing myself
By moaning at uncaring passersby that it’s
Really rather quite charming in a way that is
Rather too excruciating to describe:
I hacked the hand off with my replica samurai sword
But that simply makes you worship the invalid
More and more
Snowflakes melt on your upturned brow
Lick like a momma cat, Sick Kitten,
A shudder amid big explosions of empty
I go and I come, time travelling again and again
To the solstice 

- Joseph Robert 2014

Joseph Robert's poetry has been published or is forthcoming in Decanto, Unlikely Stories, Dead Snakes, Mistress Quickly's Bed, The Commonline Journal, Pyrokinection, Mudjob, The Journal, Spinozablue, Black Mirror, Message in a Bottle, Eunoia Review, Inclement and the Insert Coin Here anthology. His poetry chapbook with wife Leilanie Stewart has been reviewed at Sabotage. 

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