Friday, June 19, 2015

New Poetry by Michele Seminara


Gurgling sounds woke me — (perhaps I needed to pee?) — 
the sink had filled with water abundant enough to spill 
out onto the floor and flow 
in a sacred stream under the bathroom door. 
In this lucid dream 
within a dream I rose 
from your father's bed and followed the trail 
to you, my son, a lotus blooming 
improbably from a golden yoke on the belly of my ocean —
and I knew, like queen Maya upon receiving
a visitation by the sublime white elephant 
that soon you would appear.

And now here you are — yes, here you all are! —
little lotuses mired in my mud. 
Tying your nooses around your necks each morning
strangling yourselves a little more each day:
obediently becoming (for me) 
what I never wanted 
you to be.

- Michele Seminara 2015

Michele Seminara is a Sydney poet and Managing Editor of Verity La.

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