Tuesday, June 09, 2015

New Poetry by Rick Mitchell

Garden Birch in Winter Rain
What should caress
her white limbs
with ice
winter betrayal
to the ground
and stains the
sleeping bed with
damp spots.

- Rick Mitchell 2015

At This Time, In This Place
A white scar,
cold milk in winter,
glistens on her chin.
Alone on the bus to school
sneakers breathless
beneath her seat
and bombs from the living room
dirt floor at each
jostled stop
the silent explosions of nothing.

- Rick Mitchell 2015

Rick Mitchell's poems have recently appeared in the Louisville Review, The Pittsburg Quarterly, Skylark and the Cimarron Review; Chiron Review Press published Speaking of Seed and Night, his first book of poetry, and Aldrich Press published Before Every Other Fall last year.

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