Tuesday, June 09, 2015

New Poetry by Sophia Pandeya

Odysseys of an Onion Moon

Last night, beneath
the warm June window, she dreamt
the moon was an onion,  wedded
to all manner of odds

the full moon onion in cahoots
with the child playing hooky
from the odious class, slipped
under an armpit and hey presto!
feverish clouds appeared
fluffy as a sickbed

the destiny of the demi-moon onion
was a bit more complex
one half of a twin, forgotten 
in the rotten cavities of the fridge
she suffered the pain of her sibling
nonetheless. Everyone thinks 
they are crying while
slicing flesh & bulb
but really the lunar onions are just
homeless tears waiting
for eyes to take them in

an excellent root-boat 
the hollowing quarter moon resents
being a namesake in the Yankee pocket
afloat in the indigo sky, he plies 
his cause, dropping leaflets 
of protest moonlight, deep 
into the sleepless night

as for the much maligned 
crescent onion, there is little
to tell except, that in Vienna 
the croissant-moon was made
a buttery scape-goat for
the defeated Ottomans

its a popular myth
that the onion-moon disappears
in the dark sky but actually
she has dissolved into honey, a magic
syrup poured into the hoots of barn owls
the throats of bullfrogs, the sore singing
wings of the cicadas. There never seems
to be enough onion-moon 
to go around

- Sophia Pandeya 2015

Sophia Pandeya is an Asian-American poet. Her publications include Cactus Heart, Askew Poetry, Bank Heavy Press and Spilled Ink as well as Poetry International, The Adirondack Review, The Daily O,  Lantern Journal, Convergence Journal AntiSerious and  Full Of Crow.  My debut  poetry collection, Peripheries, is being published by Cyberhex Press in July.  

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