Thursday, October 29, 2015

New Poetry by Anne M Carson

This amplitude
Calder Freeway, past Melton, Victoria

Mesmeric miles on bitumen the same steely grey
as the sky. Wispy elongated white-line clouds
flash by. I take the sky highway, steering towards
cumulus, cirrus, getting my bearings from a flock
of galahs happy to lend their gen to a passing
motorist. My vehicle cruises into the stratosphere,
wheels eating air. Landscape shrinks to a painter's
smear on the horizon. The rump of hills is all that's
needed for definition, clefts in their flank – texture. 
Everything else is sky – as far and as high as ...
Panoramas of light-streaked vapour appear,
avenues of cloud-puff billow. I’ve joined the 
commerce of wind and precipitation, the traffic
of weather.  No buildings or street signs break
the day's open invitation. Where have they
been hiding this amplitude? When everything is
pressing in, where have they harboured this haven?

- Anne M Carson 2015

 Anne M Carson is an awarded and widely published writer who is looking for a publisher for Massaging Himmler: A poetic biography of Dr Felix Kersten.

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