Thursday, October 08, 2015

New Poetry by Linda Imbler

Man in the Bath

In this dark harbor,
A tsunami reveals its strength,
Without mercy.
Later, the partially submerged empty vessel
Rocks back-and-forth,
Knocking against pilings
With a constant, monotonous
Rhythm reminiscent of a stranger’s knock on the door.
This asylum,
Still shrouded in darkness,
Newly coated with red algae bloom,
Lies in wait,
For what, it's not known,
The harbormaster
Has already visited and departed.
The rhythm of the knocking slows,
As at once,
This shelter becomes alit.
The air is stirred,
And so begins
The shriek of the first gull
As the vision of what lies here
Is illumined.

- Linda Imbler 2015

Linda Imbler is the author of several poetry books including The Weather In My Head , Doubt and Truth, and Precious Vibrations.  She has written such diverse poems as “Tomb, ” “We,” “Leviathan,” and “Walking the Road.”  Her work has been called evocative, provocative and beautiful.  Linda has designed her own book covers.  This poet, yoga practitioner, and acoustic guitar player resides in Wichita, Kansas.

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