Wednesday, October 07, 2015

New Poetry by Annmarie McQueen

Conversations in high places

From those rooftops Brussels glittered
Before us like an open quarry
The centuries
Layered on top of each other
Books stacked
High on a crumbling shelf
Stories and secrets lost somewhere
In a sprawling city which rippled
When we touched it, seconds away
From shattering completely.
Dangling our feet over a
Brilliant abyss
We convinced ourselves we could
Step out onto the next building
And then the next
Bridging these night-time voids like
Skipping stones.
And I saw you running through
Empty streets
Burnt amber in my mind,
Searing down concrete boulevards
With your clothes on fire
Your smoking voice and
Barren eyes
Shedding the flames to rise from them
A phoenix in denim.

- Annmarie McQueen 2015

Annmarie McQueen is a recent graduate of Warwick University in the U.K, where she studied English and creative writing. An aspiring author/poet and previous winner of the Simon Powell poetry prize, she has been published in magazines including ‘Words with Jam’, ‘Reach poetry' and 'Buried letter press.' 

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