Tuesday, November 03, 2015

New Poetry by C S Hughes

Roll The Bones

I send signals to ships at sea
I was confused about what you were saying
But you’ve cleared that up now with what you said
Your wet-mouthed commentaries
Because of signal latency
We are receiving your message early
Please unrepeat
Semaphore your little flags
Three flares at night
A warning that the rocks
Are underneath and overhead
The water between treacherous
The squid small and curious
The suckers lecherous
In their fifty-dollar suits
Pockets turned out
Grottoes empty of treasure
Secondhand shoes
Shined with spit
For two dollars
Below the heels
Above the toes
Aching pirouettes
Amongst a litany of other complaints
Dancing under turbid behemoths
You can see the lighthouse

- C S Hughes 2015

C S Hughes grew up on both sides of the tracks in ochre towns and charcoal cities. When he was young he hoboed across the country by thumb and freight train, before spending several years in reading and study. He has lived in parks and palaces and worse places, creates innovative poetry pieces illustrated with his own photography and digital artworks in iBooks, including the interactive poem “Four Score”, and has occasionally had a story or poem published on paper. He also recently created and wrote the book on "The Art Of Knitting Needle Ikebana". His pictures of cows and trees can sometimes be seen around South Gippsland in local art and photography shows.
He writes commentary on popular culture and edits at nerdalicious.com.au, publishes some older poems and occasional musings online at http://satanloves.me/author and more recently has released the collection "Cars Crashed In Charcoal Cities" as an ebook, and had poems published in A Guide To Sydney Rivers and Uneven Floor.

He says he is getting older but no more wise.

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