Friday, November 06, 2015

New Poetry by Lizz Murphy

Dry Ink

She finds her answers
in the dry ink of other writers
the blow of a disturbed morning
the rearrangement of aggregates
branches pounding a beat
on the side of iron sheds
the gathering place of long dark night
the ancestral ache for the grave

She is reminded of old-time letter habits
the style of days she thought naive
and that the imagination is a personal well
a winged monkey or a mapmaker
climbing the rocks of her dreams
or singing the road ahead

Occasionally a hawk hovers in her thoughts
quivers with the thrill of a potential kill
And that poem she wrote about the pony show
and the hand-repaired Australian flag?
Really she was saying we do need a new one
no offence to the old Diggers*

It’s all dry ink

- Lizz Murphy 2015

Lizz Murphy is still writing. Still publishing. Still wondering.

* Australian colloquial for ex-soldiers, particularly those who served in World War One.

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