Monday, November 16, 2015

New Poetry by John Sweet

the false prophet

held an empty frame up to the
sky said that’s it said that’s everything
and creeley was dead and the
house across the street
had burned to the ground
man i knew had christ locked in a
cage at the far edge of town

gave him bukowski’s bones to gnaw on
gave him the poisoned water
from lake superior
touched him but wasn’t cured

- John Sweet 2015

spontaneous benediction
these men in the room of maps,
lying naked on piles of money
these prayers that feed no one
these poems that mean nothing
that devour the truth and
shit out empty platitudes and hope,
of course, is not a drug,
but the children are all stoned
the astronauts are falling from
the sky like dreams turned to
fire and blood
catch what you can and make
your small desperate wishes

- John Sweet 2015

John Sweet is a believer in sunlight and the undying power of surrealism, opposed to all organized religion, and has no use for millionaire politicians who claim to have his best interests at heart. His most recent collection is THE CENTURY OF DREAMING MONSTERS (2014 Lummox Press).

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