Sunday, March 29, 2020

New Poetry by K.F. Pearson


The glimpse, the blink, an echo
so slow, so quick, so long
to last, to cease then go
from one who could belong.

To one who could belong
with ease, with care, at peace
with glimpse, a blink, then echo
just caught, a spark held close.

Just caught, a spark held close
to heart for days at least, 
a clasp, a wink, a boast
of ease, of care or peace.

An ease, good care or peace
can stay, not slip or tear
from one who could belong
a month, one day, a year.

A month, one day, one year
to flourish, fade or ignite
a flare, denial, or thought
to last, to cease, then go.

To last, to cease, then go
this way, that way, the next
is a glimpse, a blink or echo
to one who could belong.

- © K.F. Pearson 2020

(From The Complete Apparition)

K.F Pearson has published six collections of poetry including two featuring his existentially challenged hero The Apparition. They give first person accounts of his difficulties as he’s only being there when perceived by others. A new collection third person account The Complete Apparition is nearing completion. In 1995 he established Black Pepper publishing with Gail Hannah. Since then Black Pepper has published over 100 titles, half of them poetry.

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