Tuesday, April 20, 2021

New Poetry by James B. Nicola

Parents, Poets, and Jokers
All three erase the grave
before the grave:
Poems are sons,
with name attached,
and in formative years
they’re disciplined and revised
until the dangerous day
of their release;
Jokes are daughters
to be tweaked, tucked
and husbanded
by those who’ll not even cite the name
of who dreamt the crazy thing up
in the first place.
And so we joke, and pass on jokes;
turn a phrase and jot it down;
as we love and touch,
that the world not be
so Godforsaken,
so barren, so absent of issue.

- © James B. Nicola 2021

James B. Nicola’s poetry has garnered two Willow Review awards, a Dana Literary award, seven Pushcart nominations, and one Best of the Net nom. His full-length collections include Manhattan Plaza, Stage to Page: Poems from the Theater, Wind in the Cave (2017), Out of Nothing: Poems of Art and Artists (2018), Quickening: Poems from Before and Beyond (2019), and Fires of Heaven: Poems of Faith and Sense (2021). A Yale grad, he also has enjoyed a career as a stage director, culminating in the nonfiction book Playing the Audience: The Practical Guide to Live Performance, which won a Choice award.

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