Wednesday, April 28, 2021

New Poetry by William G. Davies

Remnants Of A Deadly Winter

Leaves like caskets
float across the green grass
their leathery backs
carry the sun
doomed as they are
the way hands are clasped
and enveloped in Rosary beads.

- © William G. Davies 2021

William is a 66 year old purveyor of the mundane, the fellow at the dinner table who might imagine a face staring back at him from within the gristle on a pork chop. He was able to glean from these observations a slim volume of poems; "Before There Were Bones" published by Prolific Press in 2015. He has been published by numerous literary journals such as The Wilderness House Literary Review, The Cortland Review and of course, the "pepper" to which he is humbly indebted. William has been married to the same woman for 47 years and accepts increasing delight in the longevity of his marriage compact. William's Pastor recently suggested that his voice would do for audible books what John Glenn did for the space program. He lists this as a peculiar accolade but one consistent with his craft.

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