Sunday, April 18, 2021

New Poetry by Tony Hughes

Looking for our footsteps

- for Cass

Looking for our footsteps.
I stood on south point
and listened to the
wind howling
I don’t have
tears left
I sit
by the
spirit fire
listening to
your playlist
Tracey is
taking the
of the
I pretend
you wait
for me
to finish
my glass
of wine
before I climb
into your curves
where our
bodies fit.

Will winter
always find
me here
guiding the
last embers
of the fire
off to sleep
I planted
two stardust
banksia trees
one for you
one for me

- © Tony Hughes 2021

Cassandra Woodburne, to whom this poem is dedicated, was the beloved wife and best mate of Tony Hughes and mother to their two daughters, Georgia and Eddy. She passed away on 22nd November 2020 after a long and courageous struggle with cancer.

Tony Hughes is an Australian actor and singer. As an actor, he starred in The Lost Islands (1976), Chopper Squad (1977–1979) and the film adaptation of Puberty Blues (1981). As a singer he has fronted Bellydance and King Tide. (Courtesy of Wikipedia)

© Reg Mombasa (painted for Cassandra for her twenty first birthday)

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