Monday, August 22, 2016

New Poetry by Fleur Beaupert

Beneath the folded tortilla moon

trees are dreaming bent sunlight in long last
summers. of mutation. tree speak themselves

hungry raining down dirt milk and juice. whisper
of cosmic matter consuming itself like a story

half-told. trees. pretend to sleep while surfing
distorted waves of night. assume a twisted

appearance when lightning strike. trees droop
into vital angles casting leaf. shadows to tickle

our body shadows like ghost feather dusters or
deaths too soon. drizzling. tears through bark

- Fleur Beaupert 2016

Fleur Beaupert is a Melbourne-based poet and writer whose poetry has appeared in spaces such as Tangent, Cordite, Regime and Bimblebox 153 Birds. Her short plays have been performed at a number of Sydney play festivals, and her play Dead Time, devised in collaboration with the cast, was staged at 107 Projects in 2015. Fleur studied arts and law at Sydney University

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