Tuesday, August 09, 2016

New Poetry by Nathanael O'Reilly


For Celeste

Bookstore browsing
we begin with Harry Potter
discuss the merits
of various cover art
before moving on to Star Wars
crafts and Percy Jackson

finally it's Dad's turn
so we descend the stairs
to Poetry and Fiction
break for bagels and coffee
with Quidditch Through The Ages
and Charles Wright's Caribou
before finishing with journals
magazines, fridge magnets
wands and horcruxes

- Nathanael O'Reilly 2016

Nathanael O’Reilly was born and raised in Australia and now lives in Texas. He is the author of the full-length collection Distance and the chapbooks Cult, Suburban Exile and Symptoms of Homesickness. He is the recipient of an Emerging Writers Grant from the Australia Council for the Arts. His poems have been published in journals and anthologies in eight countries, including Antipodes, Australian Love Poems, Bluepepper, Cordite, FourW, LiNQ, Mascara, Postcolonial Text, Prosopisia, Red River Review, Snorkel, Social Alternatives, Tincture, Transnational Literature, Verity La and Writ Poetry Review.

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