Thursday, August 04, 2016

New Poetry by Miguel Jacq

dream sequence

should be a standalone word for slow motion,
this act of water stowing rotation
onto air; how I close my eyes

involuntarily when I think to
drink and breathe you
but can never seem to commence.

I have surely stood here before,
inside the same wolf; need not see
again where mutation rages,

where young leaves shake themselves loose
like too soon teeth from ghost gums,
fall gripless toward the munged up mouth

of the valley held open by our prying eyes,
our untamed drinking; a slow breath grazing
around the dry callouses of sleep

- Miguel Jacq 2016

Miguel Jacq is a French-Australian writer. His poetry has been published by a range of Australian and international journals and anthologies, both in print and online. In 2013 his poem 'Nine Year Microwave Sky' was shortlisted for the Australian Poetry Science Poetry Prize. In 2016 his poem 'flower of distant season' won the Nillumbik Ekphrasis Poetry Award.

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