Monday, March 28, 2022

New Poetry by John Tustin

This Hawk

There is this hawk
That careens along the currents
With the sea foam in his eye
And the mountain peak
Churning in his gut.

There is this hawk
Who snatches prey in midair –
His talons
Are the tomahawk chop
Of a shirtless brave bending
On horseback.

There is this hawk
Whose wings are flawless feathers
Of steel and bones
And you watch his silhouette
Getting smaller
Against the setting sun
As he flies far
Far from you,

His final shriek
Piercing the ears
And the heart
With the battle cry
Of retreat.

- © John Tustin 2022

John Tustin’s poetry has appeared in many disparate literary journals since 2009. contains links to his published poetry online.

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