Thursday, July 14, 2022

New Poetry by Deborah Zenha Adams

Cinders, Feathers

- after Malcolm Glass

Back then we had only pin feathers, but I
believed hard in the fairy tale, that we could fly
beyond the dragon breath, that you and I would soar into
a fiction we’d pull from the air. We called it the
kingdom, our fragile domain a single room
in a thorn-wrapped cottage, but we are the cursed whose
ever after is spent beating bloodied wings against sheetrock walls.

- © Deborah Zenha Adams 2022

Deborah Zenha Adams (she/her) is an award-winning author of novels, short fiction, CNF, and poetry. You're invited to visit her website, where everything's free and the dress code is "whatever."


Anonymous said...

Fabulous poem! I really like the closure, grim as it is. And, of course, that is the point.

Malcolm Glass said...

Aha! My comment did go through, albeit without my name. I might point out that Deborah's poem is a golden shovel, a form new to me. You take a line from someone's poem and use those words as your end words (in correct order, of course).
Malcolm Glass