Thursday, December 08, 2011

New Poetry by E.F. Schraeder

Gram, on Coffee (On Epistemology)
She pours a cup, stirs,
while I tell her about the latest
rush of research about caffeine -
all raw ulcers, crashingly bad
She takes a sip, smiles,
next it will be good for you -
Just wait.
-E. F. Schraeder 2011

After Gram died
the puzzles started,
usurped by a need for logic,
Grasping anything that makes sense,
with controlled endings
and enough forgiving
space to erase mistakes.
- E. F. Schraeder 2011

E. F. Schraeder's work has appeared or is forthcoming in Haz Mat Review, On the Issues, New Verse News, and elsewhere. She attended the 2010 Vermont postgrad writer's conference working on a chapbook and is currently completing a full length manuscript of poems. Her creative work has also appeared in several anthologies including Kicked Out, Gone with the Dirt, Whitechapel 13, and others.


Stuart Barnes said...

beautiful poems, E.F.

G.A.A. said...


As always, wonderful and touching work.