Sunday, December 11, 2011

New Poetry by Linda King

prompted from the wings
a life of small telling
takes up a lot of room
minus the element of spectacle
the popular thrills

the playwrights agree
start in the middle of conflict
when the dark advances
and the evening's truth reveals
which cast of characters will go on

dressed for the part
you are the understudy
waiting in the wings

and your chances depend
upon calamity
a death in the family
sudden flash of sirens
heartless red wine

or happygoodfurtune
out of nowhere

- Linda King 2011 

reading in bed
fingertip memory    like a sea child
scratching at the door of the oldest library

a body speaks every language
sometimes in sweet horrible dreams
full of Russian dolls and merry-go-round music
a torrent of faux nostalgia
river of stories

the debris
of a half remembered life

- Linda King 2011

Vancouver poet, Linda King has published in numerous literary journals in  Canada and Internationally - CV2, Other Voices, The Toronto Quarterly,  Orbis, NthPosition, Gargoyle, Lumina, The Houston Review....

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