Wednesday, December 07, 2011

New Poetry by Stuart Barnes


: another shitty iPhone

app: one
hundred dull electric grids:

a zoo of one-dimensional
cubes: bears and cubs
and foxes, pigs

not studs, nor twinks
nor twinks, nor twinks
but headless busts of stupid chubs

wearing, wearing, wearing
out my
liquid crystal screen with spleen, with sparing


- Stuart Barnes 2011

Stuart Barnes is slowly arranging the manuscript for his first book of poetry, and writing his first novel. He lives in Melbourne.


Claudia said...

haha nice...think that's the first iPhone/ app poem i ever read..just got a 4S and now i'm talking to "her" and when she understands me, it makes my day..smiles...came by graham nunn...

Stuart Barnes said...

thanks for reading, commenting, claudia :D i started a version of this poem about a year ago; took a while to finish (is a poem ever finished?). hope your 4S behaves, & responds appropriately when you talk to "her" lol