Friday, December 09, 2011

New Poetry by Shahroz Mousavi

Ideal Ideas

If you're in delusion and I'm in denial,
then I'm enjoying the illusion it instills.
Show me the path paved in your hopeful eyes,
I'll pick at the brick-work in my drunken highs.

I enjoy my darkness and my forbidden fruits ripe,
light bulbs only attract more hopeless flies.

Promise I'll lay in the bed I make,
pull the covers over my eyes until I wake.

- Shahroz Mousavi 2011

A Quiet Dispose

Some people worry about making an impact,
about making the toast at the dinner table,
being the talk of the night,
but she cringes at the very thought.

A back-room dweller,
she keeps to herself and confides in a benign blue book,
when the foxes come out to play,
she quietly slinks back into her den.

Lake cottage nestled among downtown streets,
silent silhouettes behind lace curtains,
wakes up to alarm clock devotions,
and straightens out the pillow.

- Shahroz Mousavi 2011

Shahroz Mousavi is a poet and short story writer working from his dingy bedroom at the heart of Chicago city. He occasionally goes out for a sandwich or tea and likes to observe people in their natural habitat, from which he derives the ideas for a lot of his works. Mousavi has been writing since early childhood, but only discovered the masculinity in writing poetry a few years back, and since then he has valued it as a concise and tactful way to portray ideas and scenery.

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Anonymous said...

your writing is so visual!
my fav line from Ideal Ideas .."light bulbs only attract more hopeless flies." well, i defintiely dont agree with that idea but overall the piece is great! :)