Friday, December 02, 2011

New Poetry by scott-patrick mitchell

he dances like a presence
                      for stee

long limbed & oranging, he
ribbons ceilingward to fall
profound, tumbling, ground
expectantly opens geodesic
arms, eager to embrace his

. his legs catch him
, thighs tight as though a
lover he is riding for dear

. which is what mortality
offers: hymning the holy
grace calves speak via
pointe & prancing

. the
stars tell him to follow
them: home, they say
, is the destination you
return to once weary or
broken or have had your
hearts made wide sky

. in the meantime
, silk ties around his
alabastering. tights &
eyes bright, he charms
hope to give him the
scope to make gasps
occur in every world
he visits


- scott-patrick mitchell 2011

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