Friday, December 09, 2011

New Poetry by Jack Little

The Accident

Brought on by a coughing fit,
Grandpa fell two flights and spent
the war recuperating, to live
and fight a more just war
another day.

Or not and sleep
His life away in drunken stupor.

- Jack Little 2011

Jack Little is 24 and lives in Mexico City. His work has been published in 3:AM Magazine, Warwick Unbound, Calliope Nerve, The Bubble, Eunoia Review and on the Young Poets Network website. Jack is the editor and founder of The Ofi Press, an online bilingual magazine and publishing firm through which he publishes the work of young Mexican poets and international writers as well as hosting monthly poetry readings in the heart of DF. In 2012 he will be co-producing a book for The Clipperton Project, an expedition to the forgetten island of Clipperton 1700 kilometers off the Mexican coast; a project bringing together artists and scientists from around the world. Whilst working full time as a teacher, he also works as the manager of the national Mexican cricket team.

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